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One other source of superfluous startup messages could be your Windows Registry, although removing these messages is a task recommended for advanced users only. On the iPhone, iMessage exists alongside SMS and MMS, so you can keep in touch with third-party friends using the same app. Thanks to Continuity, you can get these “green bubbles” even on the iPad and Mac! It’s an incredibly powerful unified experience.

  • So that’s how you can disconnect your iPhone and Mac.
  • Now you can get it from the iMessage app easily.
  • Open the “Settings” app on the home screen of your device.

Choose whether you want to list your app in the Stickers category or another important category in the App Store for iMessage. Hide alerts, block messages from being sent, etc. – Sending and receiving messages using the iMessage App is very easy, and distinguishing iMessages from text messages is easy too. If sent messages are green, they are text messages. If the bubble is blue, talk to another iMessage user. When the Settings app opens, scroll down and tap on the Messages option. Then download and install the most popular browser, Google Chrome, on both PCs.

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If you’d like to view and send SMS and MMS, as well as iMessages, you’ll need to set up text message forwarding. TouchCopy makes it easy to search through your messages on a big screen.

remove virus removal

Open Computer or My Computer where all the connected PC drives are listed and make sure that your iPhone is displayed as a portable device, not a camera. If you need help installing, please refer to the installation guide. If you are sure that iCloud Photo Library is disabled on your device, you have most likely encountered the third issue. There are several reasons why you can’t delete photos from iPhone. Here are the three main issues and how to handle them.

Use Chrome Remote Desktop

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